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Re: [IPk] just getting started

hi Deena
You'll probably find each sport has totally different requirements so I 
wouldn't wait till one is sorted before sorting the other one!
I went back to sport the day I got my pump - it was a bit of trial and 
error but I soon figured it out. Why not just start with keeping your 
basal the same and eating carb beforehand as you would have done on MDI? 
Then gradually experiment (if you wish) with reducing the carb and 
decreasing the basal beforehand (and possibly afterwards).
As long as your BG isn't wildly high or low then you shouldn't have a 
problem exercising as long as you follow the basic rules. Remember that 
if you bolus to correct a high before exercise, your BG can sink like a 
stone as insulin immediately before exercising will be absorbed very 
quickly (at least that's the case for me). Even if my BG is 17 I can 
still play softball, I just take a small bolus and let the combination 
of exercise and insulin bring me down. Don't exercise at 17 without 
bolusing a small amount though, or you'll most likely go higher.
Test lots and have plenty of glucose with you and you should be fine to 
experiment as much as you want. Keeping a detailed log will help (if you 
can be bothered, I never can!)
Good luck

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello
 > ive been on the pump for 3 weeks now and its hard trying to get things right.
> know there is an adjustment period but my blood sugars are still erratic. Ive
> only managed to go to kickboxing twice since starting the pump due to either
> high or low blood sugars. I managed to go to kickboxing this past monday and
 > everything seemed ok but since then ive been having lots of hypos. Spoke to
 > nurse who altered a few things and gave advice. But i was wondering if all
 > is still "normal" at 3 weeks down the line? when did everyone start their
> exercise routine again after using the pump? i also go to basketball but was
 > advised to concentrate on one sport before getting back to another, is this
> eveyone else had to do?
> any comments will be appreciated
> Thank you
> Deena
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