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[IPk] fructose and cherries and DAFNE

I haven't been through all the responses but I have since discovered I am
completely wrong about fructose, so sorry if my comment irritated anyone.

There was a comment re the DAFNE course from somebody who had been on it. I
did DAFNE three years ago and unless something has changed we seem to have
been taught one element completely differently, which is a little worrying.
Yes, DAFNE is about freedom and eating what you want when you want but
counting carb's is SO very essential. I don't understand how anybody can
accurately control their BG's if they don't know the quantity of carbs they
are eating. I did my course at Kings in London.

As far as the cherries/strawberries issue goes, I think there is a huge diff
in what foods people count and that doesn't mean anybody is right or wrong.
Diff bodies use diff carbs in diff ways and we all obviously have worked out
what works for best us. I'm in the "not counting berries" brigade!!

Off to bed now on 4.4 with a glass of milk!

Jxxxx x x
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