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RE: [IPk] Byetta / Lantus regime question

Hi Nick,

Oh dear, your friend REALLY needs a competent endo!!! The high blood 
pressure is very worrying: in type 1s high blood pressure is closely 
correlated with retinopathy and nephropathy risk. It sounds to me like your 
friend needs not only a more appropriate insulin regimen but probably an 
ACE-inhibitor too. She should also get a referral to an opthalmologist for 
an in-depth retina exam - the endocrinologist can organise that.

Your friend will quit liking the GP for being "very nice" if she finds out 
that his incompetence with regard to the management of type 1 diabetes has 
contributed to any complications...perhaps another reason she is reluctant 
to see a different doctor is fear of finding out what is actually going on 
in her body. Denial of diabetes and its effects on us can affect even those 
of us who have lived with it for a long time. (If she can live in a fantasy 
world with a crazy GP, why join the rest of us who face less pleasant 

Again, if your friend wants to be in touch with me directly I'll be happy to 
hear from her (email @ redacted)


PS "Very nice" is not a legitimate defence in a medical malpractice lawsuit 

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Nick Klee" <email @ redacted>

I'm glad I got that sort of response Melissa, 'cos that is exactly how I
felt!  There's a hospital in a town nearby with a diabetes center, overseen
by an endocrinologist so I'm strongly suggesting she get a referral there,
as well as changing her GP!

She has high blood pressure as well, and is on a couple of different meds
for this.  She went to the GP because she's been testing and getting 150/85+
quite regularly...he didn't seem concerned at all.

Scary thing is she likes the doctor, because he is "really nice"...yeah
really nice is all very well, but I'd rather have a nasty doctor who helped
me stay healthy than a nice one who didn't...

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