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Hi Vicki
There are quite a few people who take pump breaks - some regularly, some 
just occasionally. I once took an enforced break for about 24 hours when 
I was waiting for infusion sets to arrive. It was initially fantastic to 
be free from the pump, but after a few hours I realised how annoying it 
was every time my BG was high that I had to take an injection, and I 
found myself delaying making correction boluses until e.g. my next meal. 
Also things like eating dinner where I had to decide in advance what I 
was going to eat for the whole meal rather than randomly decide to have 
a bit of pudding! And overnight I had no idea if I would wake up with a 
BG of 2 or 22! It was nice to have the break but it did make me realise 
how much I love my pump, annoying though it can be sometimes!  But 
that's just me - you go with whatever feels right! It makes perfect 
sense to have a little break every now and then.

If only we could take a 24 hour break from diabetes as well as from the 

Vicki Crowley wrote:

> I took my pump off last Thursday and hooked back up today.
> I was REALLY angry at wearing it all the time and it was annoying me. 
> I stuck it in a drawer out of the way. To keep control I had a shot of 
> levemir at 7am, and 7pm, plus around 7 shots of Humalog. The control 
> was great I just felt like a pin cushion.
> Not sure what is the lesser of two evils. I hooked back up, I felt bad 
> for all the other people who can't get a pump or are fighting for one. 
> I just NEEDED that break.
> Has anyone else taken a break before?
> Vicki
> Aged 22, T1 5 yrs, pumper 10mnts
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