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[IPk] Byetta / Lantus regime question


Quick question for a (non-pumper) diabetic friend.  She is type-1 and has
been putting on a little weight recently (12pounds in 3 months).  Her GP has
suggested she try Byetta.  This was a completely new drug to me, hadn't
heard of it.  Been doing some reading and it looks interesting.  Obviously
her GP is prescribing it for it's "hunger controlling" effects.  So anyone
type 1's on here with any experience of Byetta?

Second question is about her treatment regime.  She takes one daily dosage
of 100u of Lantus as her 24hour basal, but takes NO insulin pre-meal.  Her
GP has only given her advise on correcting high blood sugars, using Humulin
R.  Note again, she has not been given a regime that gives her any pre-meal

Now her eating routine is anything but regular, and she doesn't carb count.
Is it still normal for people to be treated in this way?  I just can't see
how she can hope to get any kind of control with that regime?  Her diabetes
care is handled by her local GP and a dietician, not a specialist (she lives
in USA).

I'd be very interested in anyones thoughts on this.  Also - she has Humulin
R to correct any high blood sugars.  Any reasons why she shouldn't be using
Humalog instead (with it's faster acting profile)?


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