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RE: [IPk] DAFNE courses in the UK: free foods?

Hiya all

Have any of u actually been on the DAFNE course?

 Cause i have and it has given me the freedom to not
be obsessed with food and carb portions.
 yeh u still have to count carbs and they give u a
book to help u with that intil ur confident but it's
more about freedom.

 eg someone mentioned cherrys they dont have carb
value untill ur going to start eating huge amounts and
ice cream we were always told that one scoope of ice
Is equal to 2 units of insulin.

 However the DAFNE course just doesnt teach u how to
carb count it teaches u things like altering ur
insulin correctly, correction doses and how exercise
effects us and what to do like eating more carb if ur
going to be doing high impact exercise.

I found the course very helpful and ive gained fab
control and i dont look back i havbe to say u cant
knock something u have not tried. 
--- Elizabeth O'Shea
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> Di wrote:
> I should stop being amazed by the lack of knowledge
> of dietiticians 
> about basic carb values, but I still am. I remember
> being told that I 
> was "allowed" to eat icecream  but only if it was
> vanilla!!!  Apparently 
> vanilla icecream has no sugar in but flavoured ice
> cream does!!!???? And 
> similarly that fresh orange juice was fine (in terms
> of the amount of 
> sugar it contained) but pickle wasn't?
> And Elizabeth replied:
> At least when they originally told you the nonsense
> about pickle and orange
> juice they didn't have information literally at
> their fingertips with a
> tappity tap on the computer. But surely even then
> dieticians had books that
> told them how much carb was in food? Or did they
> only figure out how to
> measure carbs in food in the past 20 years?
> The one that really gets me going is 'sugars are
> fast acting carbohydrates,
> starches are slow acting carbohydrates', especially
> when they've mentioned
> the glycaemic index earlier. A few months ago I
> attended a talk where a
> dietician did talk about foods with low, medium, and
> high GI, but then went
> on to say that fructose was a fast acting sugar!
> elizabeth
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