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RE: [IPk] RE: DAFNE courses in the UK: free foods?

Di wrote:
I bolus for cherries and strawberries (and in fact all fruit) but 
not for things like lettuce and cucumber and most typical salad 
vegetables (which I don't think are protein) apart from tomatoe, carrots 

While I bolus for all those things, including the lettuce and cucumber. At
most, you're looking at 2g per 100g weight for both those things, but I eat
really big salads. So, when I add up all those 2g portions, suddenly I can
have 10 or 12g of carb. And then when I add in carrots (6g per 100g weight),
peppers (about 7g per 100g weight), and some nuts or seeds, my salad bowl
might have 40g of carb in it.

Certainly for some people some foods will be free. But free is about portion
size rather than the food itself. Any type of fruit or veg has carb in it.
The question is, can you eat enough of it for it to have an impact on your
BG? With cherries, definitely (if you can eat 100g of cherries with no
impact, I'm jealous!); with celery, it's probably difficult to eat enough to
send your BG soaring! The issue I have is with these blanket statements
'this is free, that is free'. 

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