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Re: [IPk] Re - Pump

I sit on the South Birmingham PCT User Group for Diabetes....(The aim is to 
try to help ensure the NICE giudlines are met) Looking for volunteers to 
join us :)

Unfortunately it looks like a LOT of GP's in the future will be managing our 
Diabetes, regardless of Type 1/ 2
They have become "Enhanced Centres" and are given training etc to manage 
their patients.

This is where the community DSN's are coming into play.....
I have been to a few of the NSF meetings and all I can say is our NHS is a 
BIG black hole, nothing gets done, they agree
to take on axtra stwaff etc, and then what happens - funding gets 

In general the PCT's are trying to move Diabetic care back into the 
community i.e GP's, but you DO have patient choice.

None of the DSN's in our group beleive it will work, as often when you goto 
GP's or see the practice nurse, as people with Diabetes we know more about 
our health than they do.

As far as I am cocnerned it's a BIG MESS and looks to get a lot worse, can 
you beleive it, we don't even meet Diabetes UK guidelines for staffing 
levels in Birmingham and they are making more CUTS !!!!
Rant Over


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From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006 12:05 AM
Subject: RE: [IPk] Re - Pump

> Hi Steve
> I agree that most GP's and the practice nurse know very little about the 
> on
> going management of type 1 diabetes.   Most GP do not have the time to 
> spend
> with patients either even if they wanted to. Not long ago our diabetes 
> clinic
> sent out a patient form asking if parents would prefer to take their child 
> to
> see their local GP.  We were all incredulous that anyone would suggest 
> such a
> stupid thing.  When we take Sasha to the GP for earaches infections and 
> the
> like, you can see the worried look on their face when they realise that 
> she has
> diabetes and is using a pump.  It wasn't much better before when she was 
> on
> injections.  Our own very nice GP also explained when Sasha was diagnosed 
> that
> the main care would be done through the hospital as they had the training
> knowledge and staff. It would just be terrible if the GP's had to take 
> over the
> care for people with type 1.  Not even sure that they should be looking 
> after
> some of the people with type 2 either.
> As for the practice nurses.  I went to a local DUK group meeting and was
> horrified at what two practice nurses were saying and the misconceptions 
> they
> had about carbs and diabetes in general.
> Jackie
>> I hope I'm not offending anyone here by agreeing that I think it's crazy
>> that a GP and practice nurse could take care of a diabetic clinic. My GP 
>> is
>> worse than useless and the practise nurse although a lovely little old 
>> lady,
>> seems to know fuck all about diabetes.
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>> > H
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