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Re: [IPk] RE: Animas

Hi Simon

Patient choice is one big issue that John Davis is fighting for.  Given 
that the NHS has a new bulk-buying agency trying to save money, this is 
a tough fight.

On the other hand, reps have told me personally that even in a hospital 
with an exclusive contract with one pump company, many of them still 
"do" other pumps, maybe up to 40% of their pumpers.

As you feel so strongly about this, you might like to channel your 
outrage to help INPUT fight the fight.  If so, contact John Davis on 
email @ redacted and see how you can get involved.

Best wishes


Simon Isherwood wrote:

>Yep I'd agree with most of that Melissa, bottom line being that true
>"patient choice" does not exist in the UK, within a given adjustment all the
>pumps cost the same and do the same job at the most basic level (with many
>variances on features) ie they all pump insulin!, as I said the government
>health board have given a directive which is interpreted in many ways to
>suit certain endeavours, dare I say certain favours. I work in sales and
>even occaisionally sell to the NHS, there are ways that they all interpret
>rules or perhaps we should call them guidelines. Oh for a simple life where
>choice means just that.
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