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Re: [IPk] DAFNE courses in the UK: free foods?

I should stop being amazed by the lack of knowledge of dietiticians 
about basic carb values, but I still am. I remember being told that I 
was "allowed" to eat icecream  but only if it was vanilla!!!  Apparently 
vanilla icecream has no sugar in but flavoured ice cream does!!!???? And 
similarly that fresh orange juice was fine (in terms of the amount of 
sugar it contained) but pickle wasn't?
Elizabeth O'Shea wrote:

>On DAFNE courses in the UK, do they teach you there are free foods? 
>I ask because yesterday when I was at a hospital (teaching a training course
>for something unrelated to diabetes), I overheard part of a DAFNE
>discussion. The dieticians were advising the person that cherries were a
>free food. I shook my head but bit my tongue. (Cherries are 11.5g carb per
>100g weight, or 16g per 100g weight, depending on what resource you consult.
>I just wonder where the dieticians got their info!)
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