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Re: Paradigm 515 WAS RE: Hypos RE: [IPk] Paradigm 512

Hi again June,

Seeing you use the word 'algorithm' here has made me think of someting else. 
The Animas IR1200 IOB (Insulin On Board) is calculated linearly, by which I 
mean it reduces at the same rate throughout the entire duration of action. 
So five minutes after delivering a bolus, the IOB will show as having 
reduced, when in reality the insulin won't actually have kicked in yet. 
However, I don't tend to find it a problem as long as I remember what the 
IOB number that the pump gives me means for me.

When I first got my Animas I played around with different settings for 
duration of action of Humalog. I tried 2.5 hours, 3 hours and 3.5 hours 
before settling on three. I then experimented quite a bit with using the IOB 
information at different times after meals, which is how I came up with the 
90 minute strategy I explained in my last email. If I test prior to the 90 
minutes, I find the IOB to be somewhat underestimated, so I try to keep this 
mind if I want to use the IOB number at this stage.

Playing around with how it works for you is somewhat trial and error, much 
like setting up basals when you first start pumping, and figuring out carb 
and correction ratios. I decided on the duration that was right for me by 
testing my blood sugar every hour after eating. When I used 3 hours as the 
duartion my blood suagrs became steady at the same time that the pump told 
me I had zero IOB. When I used a shorter duration, my blood sugar tended to 
continue to fall after the pump told me IOB was zero. (Your basals obviously 
need to be correct to do this accurately.) You will also get a feel over 
time if the information the pump gives you is working correctly. If, for 
example, you always end up too high after reducing a correction bolus based 
on the IOB information, it is probably overestimating IOB and the duration 
may be set too long. If you finish up too low, the reverse may be true.

Unfortunately, all the while you must keep in mind what I said at the 
beginning. So I guess what I'm saying is  that the IOB doesn't take all of 
the brain work out of it, but the pump is at least consistent with its 
calculations and something concrete to base your management decisions on.


>Hi Melisssa
>Sorry I have not replied before.  Thanks for the information regarding the 
>515 and 522.  What they have done seems very silly to me.
>I am very interested in the Animas and the miniscule basels it allows.  I 
>am also interested in the larger screen and particularly want to have more 
>accuracy with calculating insulin still active in the body when bolussing. 
>How do you actually work out how long Humalog works for in your body?  Is 
>it guess work or is there a definite method?  I'm good at mathematical 
>calculations but using the brain is more time consuming and I am sure not 
>as accurate as an algorithm.
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>Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2006 4:07 AM
>Subject: Paradigm 515 WAS RE: Hypos RE: [IPk] Paradigm 512
>>Hi June,
>>Paradigm 515/715 was not fully launched in the UK. The rationale at the 
>>time that the decision was made was that the 522/722 would be launched in 
>>Europe before being launched in the US so Europe would get eeeeven cooler 
>>technology than the US sooner rather than later for once. It is unclear to 
>>me whether that strategy is being followed through, though.
>>Cozmo and Animas pumps definitely offer adjustable duration of insulin on 
>>board and you can get Animas in the UK. If your consultant is willing to 
>>write, "It is important that June have an insulin pump which permits her 
>>to adjust the duration of insulin action within the insulin-on-board 
>>calculation feature. This means that she should have a _____ brand, _____ 
>>model insulin pump. A pump that does not allow her to adjust the duration 
>>of insulin action within the insulin-on-board feature (that is, a 
>>Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm 512) will not meet her needs," you should have 
>>some bargaining power - but do ring John Davis about this matter. He will 
>>have more insight than I do!
>>Of course, you can do like Jackie and work some maths rather than rely on 
>>the IOB feature within the 512 - that is an option if you're decent with a 
>>calculator and a clock!
>>Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2 years 6 months; 
>>glad I never had to argue about the model of pump I got and sorry that 
>>others have had to :|
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