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Re: [IPk] Animas pump

Hi Jane

Thank you so much for confirming what I thought were the good points about 
the pump.  As far as the clip is concerned, I rarely use mine as I find it 
very uncomfortable.  Generally I use pockets. I presume suitable pump 
holders are easily available.  You say you use the 1200.  Is this the newest 
as I thought the number was 1250 but I might be wrong?  One further point. 
I have heard that some pumps are programmable by PC.  Is yours?


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From: "Jane Halls" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:51 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Animas pump

> Hi there June
> I have been using an Animas pump for almost 2 years now. I chose it 
> firstly because of its small size and secondly because of the way you 
> could clip it on your clothes without the need for a holder. I initially 
> tried the IR1000. I was allowed to keep this until my funding was agreed, 
> which took 6 months. By which time the IR1200 had just become available. 
> This pump is very small. The screen is very clear and the "steps" to 
> perform the functions are very easy to follow. The only thing with this 
> one was that it no longer had the clip attached to it, you do need to put 
> it in a holder, if it won't fit in your pocket!
> For me the most important advantage is the level of expertise and help I 
> receive from Advanced Therapeutics.
> And yes, I do use the basal increments of 0.025.
> Hope this is helpful. Need to know more, just ask.
> Jane
> D 23 years, Animas pumper almost 2 years. Married 25 years and have 5 
> kids!
>>Thanks Celeste for your reply.  What is it about the light you like?  You 
>>mention there is no escape button and there isn't on the one I already 
>>use. In order to escape, I just abandon what I was doing and it returns to 
>>default mode.  Is this the same?
>>How clear do you find the writing on the screen?  How good have you found 
>>it inserting your food and it working out your bolus?  I presume you are 
>>new to a pump.  If so I can't ask you whether it helps to avoid you going 
>>hypo by knowing more about the insulin on board.  Do you use any miniscule 
>>or finely set basels using the 0.025 feature?  How difficult do you find 
>>the canulas to insert?  Have you had any difficulties with it.
>>Sorry for all the questions but I do not know anyone who uses one.
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>>Trust)" <email @ redacted>
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>>Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 2:48 PM
>>Subject: RE: [IPk] Animas pump
>>>Hi June
>>>I am currently trialling an Animas pump. If you are interested, I 
>>>you contact Estelle on 01926 494222 for a month's trial.
>>>I particularly like the lithium battery (makes the pump v lightweight) 
>>>the light button. I dislike not having an escape button. But there's no 
>>>thing as the perfect pump (yet!)
>>>The customer service from Animas is particularly praiseworthy.
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>>>From: June Searle [mailto:email @ redacted]
>>>Sent: 20 June 2006 13:56
>>>To: email @ redacted
>>>Subject: [IPk] Animas pump
>>>I have been looking at the comparison chart for pumps and am very 
>>>in the Animas.  Does anyone on here use one and what made you choose it?
>>>me, it seems to have minute (0.025) basel increments possible and I like 
>>>sound of the bolus calculator.  Also it looks as if the screen in larger
>>>proportionately than the other pumps.
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