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RE: [IPk] Animas pump

Hi June,

I've been using the IR1200 for just over a year and can honestly say it that 
it transformed good pump control into truly excellent control. Although this 
was in part due to the fact that I had some serious problems with the old 
pump, I put it mainly down to the features of the IR1200.

The Insulin-On-Board works extremely well for me. I tend to check my blood 
sugar at around 90 minutes after eating and I am then able to reliably take 
an extra bolus if needed or, perhaps more importantly, reduce my basal rate 
to avoid an impending hypo if it looks like I have over done it. I'm also 
able to factor any remaining IOB in when treating a low, as obviously I need 
more carbs if insulin is still active, or if I increase my physical activity 
and want to avoid a low. The bolus wizard, both for carbs (CarbSmart) and 
corrections (ezBG) also highlighted how bad my maths skills had become, 
which helped me instantly tighten up control. Bear in mind both of these 
features are available on the Cozmo too.

The other things which made a difference to me are the small basal increment 
you have mentioned, which makes very fine tuning possible, and also the fact 
that the Animas pump delivers basal insulin every three minutes regardless 
of the basal rate. Medtronic pumps on the other hand chop up the basal dose 
in to 0.1 or 0.05 unit increments - so you may get just one increment an 
hour. Many people dispute that there is a difference but having experienced 
both and seen the effect on my control, I persoanlly feel it makes a big 
difference. I know of one or two others here who agree.

The screen on the IR1200 is indeed very large. I sometimes find it hard to 
see without the backlight on, but since this can easily be switched on or 
off at any stage during programming, unlike with the Medtronic pumps, this 
isn't a great problem. With the backlight on, it is very clear.

And as others have said, the customer service is excellent.

Drawbacks? The clip is the biggest one. It doesn't (yet) have an integral 
clip like the 508 or Paradigm series. It comes with a plastic holster - 
which is rather bulky - and a leather case with a clip attached - which is 
fine if you don't mind leather cases. Overall the pump is very thin, so fits 
well into pockets, bras etc.I think the lack of escape key is only irksome 
if you've ever used a pump that has one.

Overall I can't reccommend the IR1200 highly enough. However pump choice is 
really down to personal preference so your best bet would be to contact 
Advanced Therapeutics and arrange a trial to see how it works for you.

Hope that helps,

Type 1 23+ Pumper 4+

>I have been looking at the comparison chart for pumps and am very 
>in the Animas.  Does anyone on here use one and what made you choose it?  
>me, it seems to have minute (0.025) basel increments possible and I like 
>sound of the bolus calculator.  Also it looks as if the screen in larger
>proportionately than the other pumps.

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