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Re: [IPk] Animas pump

Hi June,

Before I went on the pump a few months ago, I viewed two videos about 
the Animas and the Medtronic pumps.  My specialist had given me 
these.  I found them interesting and useful but kept remembering that 
I was viewing advertisements.  To my inexperienced eye, there was 
little to choose between them.  Ultimately, I went with the Medtronic 
pump simply because that was the marginal preference of my specialist.

>I have been looking at the comparison chart for pumps and am very interested
>in the Animas.  Does anyone on here use one and what made you choose it?  For
>me, it seems to have minute (0.025) basel increments possible and I like the
>sound of the bolus calculator.  Also it looks as if the screen in larger
>proportionately than the other pumps.

Tim C.
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