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Re: [IPk] Re: Holidays for children

Hi Karen
I think you should really push for him to be allowed to go. How far away 
are they going to be from where you live? If you are available on call 
for any problem then I don't see why they can't take him. In the worst 
case and if it is quite far away perhaps you could stay somewhere 
locally without him having to stay with you? Then someone could easily 
ring you up and get you to come if there was a major problem. It does 
seem a bit over cautious. I remember going to France for a few days on a 
school trip aged 11 and I don't think any  of the teachers even knew I 
had diabetes! It never even occurred to me at the time to tell them! How 
things change!
Good luck and keep fighting!


> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry not been posting any mail for a while but still struggling with 
> frozen shoulder.
> Paul is in the first year at secondary school and it is there 
> residential trip on 3rd July for 3 nights. Initially I was abit uneasy 
> about him going (he has been pumping for 18 months has been diabetic 
> since age 4 and is 12 now) but felt that it would be so good for him 
> to go and he so wanted to go on his own! The past 2 years either 
> myself or his dad has gone with him on residential trips at junior 
> school. Last week we went to have a meeting at school with the group 
> leader. They have taken many diabetic children before! We spoke about 
> the pump and the risks with it (Ketoacidosis)  who would take 
> responsibility for the pump during activities and how long he could 
> disconnect for, they also agreed that they would wake paul before they 
> went to bed 1am and get him to recheck his BS. I said I would do some 
> guidelines for them and they agreed that they would ring us every 
> night as support to give advice if needed, but we would be available 
> 24/7. In the same group is a girl the same age as Paul who has had 
> diabetes for 3months. Everything seemed fine so Paul was over the moon 
> when we said he could go.
> Paul only last week went on a outward bound weekend away with the 
> doctors etc from our hospital and did very well (He was the only 
> pumper on the trip) BS 4-9mmol all weekend and he changed his cannula 
> twice without prompting just because he had been in a dirty river and 
> gorge walking.
> Anyway received a phone call today asking me to up to school. When I 
> got there I was told that the group leader had thought about it 
> (actually not slept for 3 nights) and feels now that the 
> responsibility is too much and Paul shouldn't go! The compromise they 
> would make would for one of us to stay in a B&B close by and paul to 
> sleep the nights with us! The other child with diabetes can go because 
> she seems to be more stable than paul! (Paul has had a HBA1c of 7 for 
> 18 months)
> Really don't know what to do! What do other people think?
> Because I haven't just packed him off on a trip and I want the best 
> for my child I have disadvantaged him!
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