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Re: [IPk] Thyroid and weight

On 19 Jun 2006 at 1:05, email @ redacted wrote:

> my TSH was 9.37 but my t4 was
> 12. I pointed this out at my annual review and they said they would keep
> an eye on it. But my weight is really getting me down. Would I not be
> eligible for a small dose of thyroxine? also, how quickly can it fail,
> like should I ask for another test in 6 months, rather than wait for the
> 12 month annual review again? Or could it just be that I was so stressed
> it had an effect on my thyroid?? Does anybody know or have any ideas? Mel

Hi Mel,

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a test after 6 months, or 
even 3 months in your situation. I had thyroid tests when I saw the 
doctor for what eventually turned out to be coeliac disease. At that 
point the thyroid test was normal. I had another test 9 months later 
and the T4 (thyroxine) was low so I was started on Levothyroxine. The 
TSH level is more significant than the thyroid level (in primary 
hypothyroidism), a level of 9.37 is quite high. From what I've read, 
a TSH between normal levels and 10 is considered subclinical 
hypothyroidism and isn't usually treated but yours is near the top of 
this range so you could easily be above 10 now. It's possible for 
thyroxine levels to fall within the normal range for the general 
population but still be low for you. Research has shown that 
individuals have a normal thyroxine range of about half the width of 
the quoted normal/population range. These links may be helpful.



Here's a quote from the end of the second link.

"In conclusion, we found that individual reference ranges for serum 
T3 and T4 are about half the width of population-based reference 
ranges. Hence, a test result within the laboratory reference limits 
is not necessarily normal for the individual. Serum TSH outside the 
population-based reference range indicates that serum T3 and serum T4 
are not normal for the individual."

I have lost just over a stone in weight since starting thyroxine. I 
have had to diet but it has been much easier to loose since starting 
on thyroxine.

Best wishes,
Coeliac & hypothyroid Mum to:
Emily (14), dx Oct '99, D-Tron Plus pump Oct '03, 
+ secondary hypothyroidism March 06
Robert (15), dx Mar '03, Novomix 30 am, Humalog Mix50 pm,
and Matthew (10). All home educated. Married to Tony.
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