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Re: [IPk] normal blood glucoes levels with ketones.

Hi Sara,

 Just to follow on from Paul's comments - you don't say whether you feel ill
when you get these positive ketone readings, or if it just the "positive"
reading itself that is causing you concern. If you don't actually feel ill, I
would suggest that this bears out what Paul said about urine tests showing only
historical data.

 I use the Medisense Optium-B blood test kit for when I feel I might have
ketones (it works as both a blood glucose test and a "blood ketone" test, using
different test strips on the same meter). Perhaps this would help solve your
worries by telling you your ketone values right now rather than a few hours ago.
(However I find the meter kit a bit bulky to carry round all the time, so use
another test kit for BG.)

 Also, this test measures b-hydroxybutyrate, which is the most common ketone
present during episodes of ketoacidosis but which (according to
http://www.diabetesnow.co.uk/library/ketones.asp) is not actually picked up by
the urine tests. The test strips are available on prescription.

Hope this helps

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