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Re: [IPk] normal blood glucoes levels with ketones.


I am only guessing here...

Blood glucose tests give you an instant spotlight view of you bg at this
precise moment.  Urine analysis is not quite so efficient, remember that the
kidneys function to filter the blood producing filtrate which can eventually
become urine, this is a metabollically active and time consuming process.
We do not normally pass urine in very small quantities  and therefore the
picture given by urinanalysis may be giving you a historical view of glucose
conditions rather than the snapshot you saw on your bg reading, this is why
we moved from testing urine to testing blood to calcualate insuling

I would suggest that you monitor this, there may be other reasons why you
produce ketones and if you are concerned contact your dsn again.

dm 29yrs, waiting to start pumping.

On 19/06/06, Sara Pumford <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi  again
> I've been writing on here a few times this weekend as i've had some
> problems
> with bent cannulaes/ketones etc. Yesterday blood glucose levels were 8-9
> all
> day
> with on and off small ketones in my urine. Yesterday evening i upped my
> basal
> to
> 130% and it seemed to get rid  of the ketones and lower blood sugar to 6.3pre
> bed. This morning I woke to a blood suagr of 5.4 (no ketones) so that was
> a
> relief , however, i've just tested them again at 11am and there is a small
> amount present again even though my blood sugar is only 8.4. I'm starting
> to
> get
> very stressed out by it all as up until now my blood sugars have been
> brilliant
> on the pump & I haven't been getting ketones.
> I am not ill and I've been eating carbs and having my normal insulin and
> it's
> not the time of the month or anything so what could it be? Does nayone
> else get
> these frequent small ketones?
> I've tried ringing the dsn but there is an anwser machine and you have to
> wait
> for them to ring you back??
> any info
> Sara davies
> Pumpng 4 weeks minimed 512/with humalog/quicksets 6mm
> .
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