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Re: [IPk] Hypo's


If you think you have had bad lows while asleep, is there not other 
evidence, such as damp (or just plain wet) bedclothes?  If this 
happens to me in the night, I sweat profusely.

Tim C.

>Hi Melissa
>I take on board what you are saying.
>  However, air in tubing etc causes more normal to high to normal than the
>equasion with hypo's. When I'm hypo, fruit juice, lucazade etc no matter how
>high in carbs does not really help that much unless it is taken in conjunction
>with some longer acting food. I have gastroperisis so maybe that 
>could slow down
>the action of any food/drink?
 > I always take a long time to come out of a hypo and have done for most of the
>life of my diabetes (32 years)Could be one of the reasons I have 
>quite a number
>of seizures?
>  One of my favourite remedies is cornflakes with milk and sugar, that usually
>does the trick.
>  Another thing that I find strange is that when my blood is below 2.8 I get
>irratable, blurred vision and confused. I do not, however, get the raging
>hunger. This always comes when my blood is coming back up. Usually 
>between 4 and
>  Yet another thing. I've seen postings about animal insulin. When I look back
>over the years, when on animal insulin I always had seizures first 
>thing in the
>morning after waking up with a very bad headache. With the knowledge 
>of today, I
>feel right in assuming it was because I had probably had a bad nocturnal hypo.
>All of a sudden, my siezures turned from mornings, to any time of day without
>any pre seizure headaches. They also increased in severity and have 
>remained so
>to this day.
>  The point I am trying to make here is this; On looking back, the change in
>seizures happened soon after changing to synthetic insulins.
>  Any comment on this Melissa? Are there any current studies/findings on this
>sort of thing?
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