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RE: [IPk] ketones with normal blood sugar

Hi Mir

Its pretty common for children diabetic and non diabetic, to have trace ketones
in the morning.  Its not usually something to be worried about.

How are you trying to rule out starvation ketones?

Young children (and adults) who sleep or dont eat from early in the evening and
dont eat again until breakfast frequently have trace ketones.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in very large doses can cause false positives for

It is also possible that a hypo during the night  can produce ketones. Though
have never tested for ketones after a hypo in the night.

I have never heard of there being a particular problem for Medtronic users with
having morning ketones..

I believe that the Animas pump has the smallest basal increments if you were
looking to change a pump for this reason.

> Jackie
> Can I add to that, that there seems to be a definite pattern for Medtronic
> users that there can be a morning ketones picture that is connected to the
> pattern of release of basal in the Medtronic as opposed to say the Cosmo or
> Animas.
> I had similar concerns a year and a half ago, Grace starting pumping and
> went with the "probably typical" idea. Following a  conversation recently I
> have monitored and am now making a case to possibly change to a Cosmo. Only
> some kids seem to respond to the basal release this way.
> I am exploring the significance of trace ketones. Other parents have noticed
> a similar pattern.
> I'll let you know when I establish more.
> All the best
> Mir
> Mum to Grace 7yrs pumping 19mths
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