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RE: [IPk] ketones with normal blood sugar


In the set of circumstances that you are now describing, I dont think you need
to worry about these trace/small ketones.  There are other reasons for
small/trace ketones other than high blood sugars.  Its just that we dont
normally go around measuring ketones when the blood sugar levels are within
 range and of course people without diabetes probably dont measure at all. It is
common for children to have small ketones first thing in the morning without
 there having been a problem with insulin delivery or high blood sugars. Fasting
overnight can produce small/trace ketones.   Also if you haven't been eating
much carb recently.  It just may be something to do with the problem that you
 had with the bent canular yesterday. If your blood sugars are now within normal
ranges and stay that way then all is probably well with the new canula.  You
didn't say whether you are using Xceed meter to check the ketones or urine
 testing. If you are urine testing then the results will be showing ketones from
hours before and not what the blood ketones are at the moment.  If you haven't
got an Xceed meter its best to get one.  The electrode strips are much more
expensive that blood testing strips and come in packs of 8 only electrodes.  So
our GP only gives us two boxes at a time.  We did test for ketones more often
when Sasha first started pumping last year, but very rarely have to test for
ketones now.  If we do get a once off 16 mmol reading and the BG levels have
 been normal prior to this we would possibly skip the ketone test and just give
correction.  If the blood sugar level had not dropped in an hour we would test
for ketones.  You will get to know which situations that its best to check.
When you start pumping do everything by the book, that way you will know that
you are safe and you will learn a lot about how to manage diabetes on a pump.
It is all very worrying at first and one can be very tense and anxious all  the
 time and the set changes seem a big hurdle. However in a few months things will
be a lot easier.

 In rarer circumstanses it is possible to have worrying levels of ketones and
the blood sugar levels to be in range, usually during an illness,  but I dont
think this is the situation we are talking about at the moment.  There were
 quite a few posts on this subject that you can find in the archives posted
ketone blood testing strips and this was during February this year.

As I said I dont think, from the information that you have given that you have
any worrying problems at the moment

To find the old mails in the archives go here


you have to type in your email address and the password is "pumper"

Tick the box for UK mail archives and type in  "ketone blood testing strips"
(without the inverted comas).  There were lots of posts on the subject of
ketones, illness and normal blood glucose levels around February this year.

Some info below about ketone testing.
Hyperglycemia and Ketone Testing


> ---
> Hi
> Wonder if anyone can help, last night i had a problem with a bent cannulae
>  resulting in ketones (small) and blood glucose of 18.5. Changed infusion set
> and
> bolused with pen and this morning they were down to 8.1(with trace ketones)
> later this morning blood sugars have been in the 7's with no ketones but just
> before lunch i have ketones (small) again with  a blood sugar of 7.3. I am
> worried that the new infusion set is not working properly but then
> surely blood
> sugars would be high. i dn't know whether to change whole set again - i'm
> getting a bit stressed out. I cannot phone my dsn as she is away.
 > any ideas? I have had ketones before with normal blood suagrs when on mdi!
> not ill either so don't think it could be that.
> sara davies
> .

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