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RE: [IPk] Hypo's

I agree totally with Julians methods! When I have a severe hypo, I am like a 
woman possessed and eat anything that is within reach.  I estimate how many 
carbs I think I have consumed, then minus 20 and bolus for the rest. I  
drink lucozade as my first port of call, but then the ravenous hunger always 
wins and I end up eating loads of junk I woulndnt normally touch.  This 
method works well for me, and helps to avoid the rollercoaster effect. Plus 
the added bonus of eating stuff I normally avoid without the guilt!! :)

I also check my blood sugars each half hour for the next 2 - 3 hours or so.
I personally find this is easier to cope with than bubbles in tubing which 
can cause a high rise in my sugars that are then very stubborn and annoying 
to shift.

If you think about this, you are just doing what you would normally do - 
bolusing for the carbs consumed, but subtracting a bit for the extra low 
sugar, so presuming you can get your carb to insulin ratio correct I dont 
see any reason why this is not a good solution to a bad hypo??


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>Subject: [IPk] Hypo's
>Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 03:47:29 -0700
>I've seen a lot of postings recently about Hypo's, and thought I'd add my 
>  When I'm seriously hypo (below 2.8) I clean the fridge out of food, Not
>literally, but I eat quite a lot. I don't worry about how high my bloods 
>go, because my priority is to get rid of the hypo and I'm not in a fit 
>state to
>be working figures out.
>  When my blood reaches 8 or more, then I take action to try and stop the
>rebound. I calculate what I've eaten during the hypo. I ignore the first 20
>grams. If I've eaten 90 grams of carb I calculate on 70.
>  I bolus immediately for the first 30 of the 70 and I use an extended 
>bolus over
>two hours for the remaining 40. I check my blood half hourly during this 
>  This usually works very well and my blood rarely goes over 12 and, for 
>the most
>part stays under 12 in these situations.
>  I know there will be people who don't agree with my method, but it works 

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