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RE: [IPk] I.V Preps

Hi Tim,

I'd contact the rep for your pump company that covers your local area and 
see if he or she can hook you up with just several wipes to take on your 
trip, then you can place an order so a whole box will be waiting for you 
when you get home. I'd ask for the number of wipes you'd need to use one 
with each set that you are packing. Don't forget to pack 30% more supplies 
(test strips, sets, pump reservoirs/cartridges, etc.) than you think you'll 
need - accidents happen, illnesses happen, theft happens, etc. and you don't 
want to be without! (Though I know kind souls from this list would help you 
in a pinch, it's better to be prepared. I once bought Caroline Batistoni 
dinner in London in exchange for some infusion sets!)

If you order the wipes on-line to be delivered to wherever you are staying 
in the UK, you will pay unnecessarily higher shipping charges and have to 
wait for them to clear Customs. By the time they got to your hotel (or 
wherever) you might well have returned to the US.

If you don't have contact info for your local pump rep, call the customer 
support line for your pump and ask for your local rep's name and phone 
number. Most medical device companies have firm policies about how many 
times a day reps are to check their messages and how many hours they have to 
return voicemails so you should hear back pretty quickly if you have to 
leave a message. Or try your diabetes nurse/educator - she or he should have 
access to some.

Hope this helps,
have a great trip,

PS Rule of thumb when travelling across several time zones: change the clock 
on your pump when you change the time on your wristwatch. (Some people have 
different personal rules of the road, I offer just the general guideline, 
which I find works fine)
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