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RE: [IPk] Paradigm 512

Hi June

I've been using the 512 for the past couple of months now and think it's 
pretty OK. I am new to pumping so there may be things I haven't found out 
yet but so far, so good.

As previously posted the only problem I've encountered is with the Quikset 
infusion when I got site infection - I gather from other postings that this 
is being pushed by Medtronic at the moment. I have now tried using 
Silhouettes instead and, although scarier looking when inserting first time, 
find them much more comfortable, don't leave unsightly mounds behind when 
removed and, fingers crossed, no sign of further infections.

Best of luck with yours


>From: "June Searle" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Paradigm 512
>Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 01:10:47 +0100
>Insulin absorption has been varied and this and other problems have meant 
>since Christmas I have been trying to get back the control I had last year. 
>  I
>am having far too many hypos and for the past 2 weeks I have gone hypo just
>about every night, sometimes more than once.  I have been trying to sort 
>basels again for a long while and have them set from midnight to 5.00 am at
>I have not been sleeping well and wake up constantly to do tests although I 
>not have hypo symptoms  Today I was going for a fasting blood test and
>finished eating by 8.00 pm so my bolus had nothing to do with the problem.  
>made sure my bg was higher than normal to ensure I did not go hypo but last
>night I was 1.7 at 3.30 again and with no real symptoms.  I am trying 
>the pump at 0.0 for a while tonight but don't want to go to bed.  I spoke 
>my DSN and she said 0.0 seemed the only immediate answer but we are not 
>if I will have problems when it restarts.  I need to be able to set the 
>for less than 0.1.  The good news is that she has suggested today I need a 
>and will have it hopefully on my birthday, 26 June.  What a surprise.
>I know Pat's opinions and have looked at the website, but what do others 
>of the 512?  I must be one of the last to get one.

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