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[IPk] Paradigm 512


Insulin absorption has been varied and this and other problems have meant that
since Christmas I have been trying to get back the control I had last year.  I
am having far too many hypos and for the past 2 weeks I have gone hypo just
about every night, sometimes more than once.  I have been trying to sort out
basels again for a long while and have them set from midnight to 5.00 am at

I have not been sleeping well and wake up constantly to do tests although I do
not have hypo symptoms  Today I was going for a fasting blood test and
finished eating by 8.00 pm so my bolus had nothing to do with the problem.  I
made sure my bg was higher than normal to ensure I did not go hypo but last
night I was 1.7 at 3.30 again and with no real symptoms.  I am trying setting
the pump at 0.0 for a while tonight but don't want to go to bed.  I spoke to
my DSN and she said 0.0 seemed the only immediate answer but we are not sure
if I will have problems when it restarts.  I need to be able to set the basels
for less than 0.1.  The good news is that she has suggested today I need a 512
and will have it hopefully on my birthday, 26 June.  What a surprise.

I know Pat's opinions and have looked at the website, but what do others think
of the 512?  I must be one of the last to get one.

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