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RE: [IPk] coeliac

Hi Jackie
Thanks very much for your message. It is true that i had to change the 
basals already but there is too much going on at the minute with my body as 
I fund out I was coeliac and pregnant at the same time. I suffer from many 
hypos due to my pregnancy anyway so my basals are lower.
It is so much easier to deal with hypos now. It was a nightmare before! My 
levels go up within 10-15min and I have noticed that I go high sky after 
meals, I am learning not to extend so much now.
How did you find the basals for your kid? Did she have to increase or 
decrease? I guess decrease as the boluses to cover for the meals were bigger 
and less sugar was left wandering to be picked up by the basal. that is how 
I feel, I eat, I cover my meals and I am clean again! i never had that 
feeling before.
Thank-you all for informing me about this desease. Thanks to all of you and 
other friends the doctors thought it could be coeliac and I am much better 
now, even though I am exhausted in my week 9 of pregnancy!
Take care

>From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
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>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: RE: [IPk] coeliac Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 15:31:43 +0100
>Hi Gemma
>I know that having coeliac isn't good news, but we were having such
>unpredictable hypos that took a long time to reverse that things were so 
>better on the gluten free diet.
>I hope you will stop having the scary hypos when you are driving.  There 
>was a
>  noticeable difference in Sasha's blood glucose levels within 4 weeks. 
>Very soon
>you will probably find that you will have to change your basal patterns and
>bolus more insulin with meals.  You may even find that you need to bolus 
>minutes before breakfast (if you have cereal /GF toast) otherwise you will 
>spiking up high.  Though for people who may have had coeliac for some time 
>may take months or so before the gut has healed.
>Kind Regards
>Jackie Jacombs mum of Sasha aged 12, diagnosed 1999, twin sister Rebecca 
>coeliac, two older girls, Nicki and Danni, husband Terry
> > Hi
> > i wanted to thank you allin this website who gave me information about
> > coeliac. I have been diagnosed with it now, one of the scans was very
> > positive! I have started my new diet now and it seems easy so far, 
> > I still have to do lots of reading!
> > It is like a new project! I am happy I have been diagnosed as my sugar
> > levels are much better now and I don't feel that horrible sickness!
> > Gema
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> > >From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
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> > >Subject: RE: [IPk] hypos recovery time
> > >Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 23:22:30 +0100
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> > >Hi Brian
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