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[IPk] Re Hypothyroid and cats!

Hi all
Thanks for the replies. 
Maggie..mine is described as Hashimotos, too. And yes, it is worse  with the 
hot feeling and palpitations in warm weather. I walked a  very short distance 
the other evening, and my chest felt ready to burst, i  got hotter and hotter 
(but dont sweat) and felt terrible. My GP told me a  few weeks back that these 
symptoms were becuase my thyroxine dose was too  high. But it's still going 
on. I have heard about the pig thyroxine in the  past. But it's the same here, 
they won't use it. Same with animal  insulins..this area won't prescribe it at 
all. Do you see and  endocrinologist for the thyroid problems? I just get a 
repeat prescription  from my GP every two months! I've never seen and 
endocrinologist for  anything. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.
Jackie..don't worry about mentioning cats, I have one, too! My kids  have 
started to call me the 'mad cat woman' as when I call ours in all the  
neighbourhood moggies appear!!!
I would like another test for Addisons..and to see if it can be done  
 properly this time! The last time, I was taken, eventually, to a day clinic,
left to sit around for a couple of hours, then a nurse said  Oh, we have never 
done this before as this is the geriatric day unit you  should be on the day 
ward..I went to the day ward, no, we don't do that,  go to the day unit. 
 Eventually ended up back in the geriatric unit (are they trying to say
and had my bloods taken after the  nurse phoned someone to ask what she had to 
do. Then had an injection and  was told to sit around for a while. My BG's 
plummeted after the injection  and my leg went dead?! Then, an hour later, my 
 blood was taken again and I was sent home to be told six months later the test
was fine. That was two  years ago. 
Pat, my cat didn't eat when we first put him in a cattery. Then ate  us out 
of house and home when he came back! (But the cattery was  terrible..one tiny 
cramped shelf and no space..and he was there for ten  days). Last time I put 
him in a better cattery..he ate well enough and  didnt want to come home! He's 
an enormous neutered Tom, too. Not fat, just  very big. He was a rescue 
 cat..but is actually a beautiful blue Chartreux! Not the brightest of beasts,
very quiet and  solid. 
Nanette, thanks for that. It would explain why I feel so lousy.  Although, 
this year is the worst I've ever felt. It's the tiredness..it's  unbearable at 
 times and I need to get things done but just can't. I keep testing and testing
thinking it's my BG but it's not..it's so  strange.
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