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Re: [IPk] Change of insulin

> Dear John,

 This problem of availability is a real worry for animal insulin users. My GP
has been persuaded to prescribe no less than 6 vials at a time for exactly this

 On the other hand, a trip to Switzerland to get your prescription sounds like a
good excuse to me!

Regards, Jane
> From: "John Neale" <email @ redacted>
> Date: 2006/06/14 Wed AM 10:29:27 BST
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Change of insulin
> Hi guys -
> Well, I'm back in the land of the living :-) My wife went to Brazil for
> 2-and-a-half weeks as soprano soloist with a German choir. 3 Verdi
> Requiems and 4 opera gala concerts. Much fun had by all. When she was
> away, I went to Bristol with our 2 boys to visit my parents. While there
> we took a sunny family holiday near Ilfracombe. Lots of sun, sea and sand
> etc
> Big excitement for me was a fund-raising parents' evening at the local
> primary school - where I went 35 years ago! - and where my younger sister
> has 2 boys. Steven Box has a child at the school. He is the no. 2 in the
> Wallace and Gromit team. He was interviewed for us all. He brought with
> him his Oscar and his Bafta mask. So I have now clutched a real Oscar :-)
> All I can say is that they are extremely heavy!
> I've not yet settled in fully to the pork insulin, but I'm making
> progress. Going on holiday for 2 weeks didn't help. I have just tweaked my
> morning basal so that I get an effective "bolus" of 5 units between 5am
> and 6am. I always get up at 7am and have my breakfast. Given the slow
> on-set of pork insulin, this seems to stop the enormous rise I get in BG
> mid-morning. Fingers crossed. Does this sound sensible?
> Oh, and I managed to *almost* run out of pork insulin today - which was
> extremely stupid of me! I had drawn 2 bottles from the chemist last month,
> and while in England I realised I only just had enough to see me back to
> Germany. Went to doctor on Monday for prescription. Chemist announced that
> as my pork insulin is being specially imported from Switzerland, it would
> take "several days" to arrive. Yikes. Looked like I would have to fall
> back on the left-over bottle of Humalog I still have in the fridge. But
> thankfully the insulin arrived last night, and I was able to collect it
> this morning with a millimetre of insulin left in my pump. Life eh?
> John
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> mailto:email @ redacted
> http://www.webshowcase.net/johnneale
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