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Re: [IPk] Change of insulin Pork - Dave Bayley please read

Hi Dave,

Very glad to hear that you are finally using a pump after so many years of 
trying to get one.

YES, animal insulin (pork or beef) is available in the UK. Please click the 
link below and you will see the information:

YES, you can use animal (pork or beef)  insulin in a pump. Prof. John 
Pickup, one of the 'fathers of insulin pump therapy', who is on staff at 
King's in London, has experience of supervising insulin pump therapy with 
animal insulin. Yasmine Khan, who used to be an active contributor to this 
e-mail list but hasn't been around much recently, got a referral from her 
local clinic so that she could see him when she was not feeling well with 
rDNA ("human" insulins or insulin analogue) insulin products. Prof. Pickup 
has been involved in insulin pump therapy since before rDNA ("human") 
insulin was available so he and some of his colleagues from the early days 
of pump therapy are very helpful when it comes to using animal insulin in a 

!!!!!!!!!You CAN get animal insulin in the UK and you CAN use animal insulin 
in a pump!!!!!!!

You SHOULD get a referral for the advice of a consultant who has experience 
of using either animal insulin OR Actrapid (for the time/action profiles of 
Actrapid and animal insulins are similar) before filling your pump with 
animal insulin on your own. Most of the books and websites these days talk 
about pump therapy with rapid-acting insulin analogues and it can be tough 
to find tips geared towards slower-acting insulins. As John Neale says, it 
is different to use animal insulin in a pump and it takes work to figure out 
what to do when you change insulin types.

If you have had problems with all other rDNA insulins it might not be worth 
your time to try Apidra - that is something for you to discuss with your 
healthcare team.

If your healthcare team refuse to give you a prescription for animal insulin 
for use in your pump, contact John Davis of INPUT and he can explain your 
options. His phone number is 01590 677763.

Good luck,
GET OFF the artificial insulin if it makes you ill!!!!!

Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2 years 5 months

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From: "Dave" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Re: [IPk] Change of insulin Pork
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 23:50:18 +0100

Hello John.  Have been pumping with a Medtronic 512 for just 3 weeks now.  A 
fantastic relief from MDI.  Am using Novorapid but have never felt as well 
as I did when on pork insulin.  Have tried Humalog, Lantus and Levimer but 
have had problems with them all. Fast acting Aprida may be next!  Is pork 
insulin available + suitable for pumping?  You suggest stocks are not held 
in the UK.  I felt great on pork insulin for 28 years but now, on the modern 
stuff, I feel ill. Thanks U lot.  Happy pumper dave bayley.
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