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[IPk] Weight gain

Hi Julie

 I've a very pessimistic story about weight loss, I'm afraid. I did a very low
fat diet, combined with 6 sessions of hard slog exercise per week (some in the
gym, some in the pool). After 9 months I had lost the grand sum of 6 pounds. I
got completely depressed, and nobody could tell me why it wasn't shifting. My GP
and my diabetes consultant couldn't make any suggestions other than to keep
going cos at least I was losing some. I phoned the DUK Helpline, and was told
that taking any hormone (including insulin) can make things very difficult.
Since I was taking insulin, thyroxine and oestrogen, I figured that it wasn't my
fault after all.

I hope you are only on insulin!

Sorry I'm not very encouraging... I hope my story doesn't become yours.

 Having said that, I asked my GP recently if he would prescribe Reductil if I
decide I want it, and he agreed readily, even though I'm only a couple of stone

Best wishes


Julie wrote:

T1 48 years


Been on the pump 6 months now and have put over a stone on since having it.
This is not because I am eating more I eat less now than before pumping.  I
wrote before about this and one explanation was my blood sugars where high
before so I didn't put on weight.
I joined slimming world three weeks ago and have stuck to the diet and cant
believe it I have only lost 1 and half pounds in three weeks (getting very
depressed about this).  Is it any thing to do with the pump and if so does
it eventually settle down so you can loose weight.
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