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Re: [IPk] Re - Weight Gain

Hi Julie,

As the previous explanation suggested, better control may have lead to
more calories being stored as fat from your new lifestyle. 

A loss of half a pound per week does seem quite slow - not to mention
very trying for you.  

Does your GP offer a weight advice service?  It might be worth checking
with them that the slimming world programme is the right one for you,
and also so that you get into their concerns early if there is some
underlying concerns for the weight gain which is not related to
calories/diabetes/pump.  The obvious ones are pregnancy and the
menopause, but there are others.

Some people have reported success in shifting from a traditional healthy
diet to one with a high percentage of calories from protein.  I think
that this is something that is best done with the support of your
dietician/diabetes team, as it is not appropriate for all.

Have you taken up exercise, too?  It may be that you are building muscle
at the same time as you are loosing fat.  

Someone else commented that hunger has increased since being on the
pump.  This could be related to a feeling of well-being which often
occurs with the pump. That extra energy may turn you from someone who
only had the spark to get to the chip shop to one who now cooks fresh
vegetables (and grows them!).  On the other hand, it may turn you from
someone who used to go home to a limp salad and bed into someone who
grabs a bacon buttie from a stand in the street to keep the hunger at
bay as they rush down hear live music in the pub (accompanied by similar
amount of salad, but this time, also, lasagne and a bottle of red wine).

Or (thinking of how increased well-being might make a child hungrier),
instead of coming in tired and listless from school, to eat a small meal
and do homework and bed, she comes in full of energy, wanting something
to eat before dashing out to run round like a mad thing, and comes back
with falling bgs making her hungry, needing another meal before bed.
Exercise (a natural bi-product of feeling healthy) lowers insulin
resistance - so either reduced basals and/or ratios are needed, or you
increase the food.  



Hope at least of one of those thoughts triggers something for you,



In message <008c01c68ec5$07240360$email @ redacted>, julie <email @ redacted
rcompanies.co.uk> writes
>T1 48 years
>Been on the pump 6 months now and have put over a stone on since having it.
>This is not because I am eating more I eat less now than before pumping.  I
>wrote before about this and one explanation was my blood sugars where high
>before so I didn't put on weight.
>I joined slimming world three weeks ago and have stuck to the diet and cant
>believe it I have only lost 1 and half pounds in three weeks (getting very
>depressed about this).  Is it any thing to do with the pump and if so does
>it eventually settle down so you can loose weight.

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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