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Re: [IPk] Re: Fines For Rowdy Yobs At Hospitals

Hi Julian, just to split hairs, would verbally putting someone in fear etc
etc not be threatening behaviour?

On 6/12/06, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Steve
> In some cases "Verbal Assault" can be a crime. The crime of Assault is
> actually
> putting someone in fear of harm. The physical part is 'Battery'.
> As you quite rightly say, the behaviour the government are refferring to
> is
> already an arrestable offence. So, one asks, is this spin to make the
> already
> demoralised and overworked staff of the NHS feel better. Or, another way
> of
> raising money? It's common sense that when someone is injured and in pain,
> their
> thoughts and behaviour are less than rational. Maybe this would explain
> the
> behaviour of the current Health Minister!
> A couple of years ago, I was an in-mate at our local hospital. There was a
> patient who had a severe stroke and was far from rational, swearing a lot
> and
> being awkward. Ambulance staff came to transfer him to another hospital.
> He spat
> at them and they refused to take him "In all my years as ambulance crew I
> have
> never been treat like that". So, with these new ideas, would he have been
> fined?
> Where is this country going..sigh!
> Julian
> .
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