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[IPk] Re: Fines For Rowdy Yobs At Hospitals

Hi Steve

 In some cases "Verbal Assault" can be a crime. The crime of Assault is actually
putting someone in fear of harm. The physical part is 'Battery'.

 As you quite rightly say, the behaviour the government are refferring to is
already an arrestable offence. So, one asks, is this spin to make the already
demoralised and overworked staff of the NHS feel better. Or, another way of
raising money? It's common sense that when someone is injured and in pain, their
thoughts and behaviour are less than rational. Maybe this would explain the
behaviour of the current Health Minister!

 A couple of years ago, I was an in-mate at our local hospital. There was a
patient who had a severe stroke and was far from rational, swearing a lot and
being awkward. Ambulance staff came to transfer him to another hospital. He spat
at them and they refused to take him "In all my years as ambulance crew I have
never been treat like that". So, with these new ideas, would he have been fined?

Where is this country going..sigh!

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