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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #512-re Yobs in hospitals

Hi Julian
I work in the NHS as a staff nurse and I can't imagine anyone fining a  
 diabetic for their behaviour whilst hypo. I believe amongst most NHS staff
is an understanding and acceptance that sometimes people act out of character  
due to a medical condition. I think it is to deter individuals who choose to 
 act in an aggressive manner towards staff and to encourage such people to take
 responsibility for their actions.
We have posters all over the hospital, and recently there was a regular  
 attender in our clinic who was known to be abusive towards staff. It was
amongst the nurses that they would only deal with this man when accompanied by 
 another nurse. This gentleman then wrote to complain to the hospital and our 
 matron was asked by our managers to write and apologise to this man (who 
 felt victimised)..she refused. My point being that even in this situation when
staff  were in fear, nothing was done by ours managers..I feel very few people 
will  ever ger fined.
Kirsty T1 33yrs (pumping 3.5yr)
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