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RE: [IPk] Pituitary and BG

On 11 Jun 2006 at 19:42, Melissa P. Ford wrote:

> Could Emily's liver be involved? As her pancreas does not make enough
> insulin, it's not likely that she is overproducing insulin at night. Basal
> insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes is intended to suppress glyconeogenesis
> in the liver and to ensure that there's sufficient insulin available to
> guarantee that glucose (rather than fats and proteins) can be used for
> energy [ketosis prevention].

This is partly why I suspect that the hypos and reduced basal rates 
could be a symptom of cortisol deficiency. From what I've read, one 
of the actions of cortisol is to increase glyconeogenesis. When we 
first went to the GP with what turned out to be hypothyroidism they 
carried out a variety of tests that included the liver. Would the 
liver problem you are thinking of show up on a routine test like 
this? Unfortunately, I don't know what the test was.

We have tried alternating 0.0 with 0.1 but ran into problems with 
blocked sets (not popular with Em as she hates changing sets) and 
still had hypos. Maybe we could try running at 0.0 between 9pm-12am 
when the set is due to be changed the next day anyway, along with 
blood tests to make sure it's working once the 0.0 rate has ended.

Thanks Melissa,

best wishes,
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