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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #510- To Ally

Hi Ally
I have had diabetes for 33yrs and have two children. I went onto the pump  
 when I was 4mths pregnant with my second child. What part of the U.K do you
 in? I live in York and asked about pumps in my first pregnancy and was told 
no  (in my ignorance I thought that was a good thing!) I found it difficult to 
keep  my blood sugars low (although I did eventually achieve a hba1C of 5.9) 
as I had  hyperemesis and spent a lot of time in 'hypo land' or being 
rehydrated in  hospital.
When I was planning the next pregnancy, I tried again..to be told the  
 hospital didn't do pumps at all! After a lot of nagging (from me) I persusaded
when I was 4 months pregnant. First I was told I could keep the pump only  
whilst pregnant, and then only whilst breast feeding and finally I was told I  
could keep it as I met the N.I.C.E criteria.
I found it much easier to control my bloodsugars with the pump, and whilst  I 
still had hyperemesis it stopped me from being admitted many times as I 
didn't  develop keatones like I did on MDI.
Feel free to e-mail me at email @ redacted (mailto:email @ redacted)  if 
you want any further  information.
Best wishes
T1 33yrs (pumping 3.5yrs)
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