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[IPk] Blood glucose meter recall story

Just saw a BBC.co.uk news item (link below) regarding the recall of Lifescan 
One Touch and Abbott Diabetes Care (formerly Therasense) FreeStyle blood 
glucose meters.


The 18 times higher comment that shows up in the article refers to the 
factor by which you have to multiply mmol/L to get to mg/dL. There is a 
converter on the IP UK website that does the maths for you, in case anyone's 
not found it: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/bgconverter

This 18 times higher thing doesn't mean that a glucose level of 1 mmol/L 
would show up as 18 mmol/L. It means that a glucose level of 10 mmol/L would 
show up as 180 mg/dL. If you were not looking for the little mg/dL or mmol/L 
indication on the screen of the meter when you looked at the result, you 
could get very confused.

Contact the manufacturer of your meter (call the relevant Customer Careline) 
and trade in your meter if you suspect it's one of those prone to the units 
of measure being switched by accident. [Unless your name is Pat and you 
prefer to measure your bg in mg/dL anyway ;) ]

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5059808.stm is the article that I saw. It 
isn't factually wrong but wouldn't it have been more productive to show 
pictures of the affected products rather than someone injecting insulin??? 

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