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Re: [IPk] Re: bubbles survey

Dear John,

 My suspicion is that the bubles are partially a feature of protein solutions/
suspensions (think of raw egg white, for instance), whereas the mistletoe
extract isn't very proteinaceous.

 I too am using pork insulin in a pump and it suits me very well too, although
my reasons for choosing it aern't the same as yours. Encourage everyone to keep
eating bacon!

Best wishes, Jane
> From: "John Neale" <email @ redacted>
> Date: 2006/06/07 Wed PM 08:10:23 BST
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Re: bubbles survey
> Hi guys -
> Me. I used to use Humalog in a MiniMed 507 pump. (Like a MiniMed 508, but
> without the remote control option. For me it was the best pump on the
> market when I started in Dec 1997 - despite the fact it clicks very loudly
> whenever it delivers 0.1 units of insulin, which is does every 10 minutes
> on a standard basal rate.)
> I had horrible problems filling the reservoir. My Humalog seemed to fizz
> whenever it went in. Then I got some expert advice from this group: keep
> your next bottle at room temperature. And fill the reservoir really
> slowly. Drop by drop. And from a new bottle, fill the reservoir in 3
> stages; push in 1ml air, and dribble out 1ml insulin. The last stage, I
> roll a bubble of air around to pick up the loose bubbles that inevitably
> appear, and then struggle to get that bubble up through the connection,
> and back into the bottle.
> Bit like pouring cold Coke into a dry glass: it fizzes. Warm Coke in a wet
> glass fizzes much less.
> Now I no longer have these problems... I changed insulin! I'm now on
> Wockhardt's (previously called CP) Hypurin Porcine Neutral (basically
> similar to Pork Actrapid). This insulin does not seem to fizz as much as
> Humalog.
> I've been on Hypurin Porcine for nearly a month now. Why did I change?
> I've had a brain tumour regrow 3 times, since it was removed in an
> operation 3-and-a-half years ago. No doctor has linked the tumour to my
> Humalog, but the timings suggest a possible link to me. So I've switched
> insulin. Time will tell. Meanwhile since January 2006 I've been on
> chemotherapy - week-on week-off - which keeps me in good health, and the
> latest regrowth is slowly receding. Targetting pork insulin to a meal is
> much harder than targetting Humalog, but I am determined to get this
> sussed out.
> Interestingly, I also give myself 2x a week injections of mistletoe
> extract. This is a 1ml injection. And I never get bubble-trouble with it.
> Nor does it ever sting. The air rises to the top of the syringe, and
> leaves willingly - you know what that means! Is bubbles a Humalog
> problem???
> John
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