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Re: [IPk] Lack of urine

Hi Cat

You say you can weigh yourself.  When are you suggesting I do this.  I 
always weigh myself first thing in the morning and know I put a lot of 
weight on as the day progresses.  I do not have time of the month problems 
as I'm past retirement age I'm afraid.

Thanks for the info on daily amounts passed.  This is the test they did 
before a few years ago and said I was OK.  I will try it myself.

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From: "Catapult !" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Lack of urine

> hi June,
> you can weigh yourself and see if you are gaining weight (fluid). also 
> check
> your feet, hands and face for puffiness which is oedema (fluid buildup). 
> if you
> aren't peeing much, you might have fluid retention. it can also vary with 
> time
> of the month (if this is relevant to you). people with declining renal 
> function
> can experience either anuria (no pee) OR peeing often. those with anuria 
> will
> gain 3kg or so between haemodialysis.
> you could do a test. collect your pee in a cup and measure the volume out 
> (use
> a measuring jug then tip the pee away!) each 24 hours say for two days, 
> and log
> your fluid intake and output too. around 500ml is lost per day in breath,
> sweating and poo. more if it is a hot day or you exercise a lot. the rest 
> of
> your intake should should come out as pee. e.g. 3L intake - 500ml losses = 
> 2.5
> litres pee per day.
> maybe you just do three giant pees per day?  good bladder control!
> good luck,
> Cat.
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>> From: "June Searle" <email @ redacted>
>> To: email @ redacted
>> Subject: [IPk] Lack of urine
>> Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 12:33:33 +0100
>> Has anyone experienced hardly going to the loo to pass urine.  I keep
> > wondering if it could be kidneys. I go once in the morning, once at 
> > night and
> > once in the middle of the night. I certainly don't pass much on any 
> > occasion.
> > I mentioned this to a doctor a long time ago and he did a daily total 
> > count
> on
> > what I drink and what I pass and said it was OK. I think it is worse now 
> > even
>> than then.
> > I drink 8 large mugs of tea or chocolate per day and have loads of 
> > fruit,
> plus
>> soya on porridge.  Surely this is enough and would produce more.  Where 
>> does
>> it go?
>> I have been brooding on this for a while and notices kidney references 
>> when
>> reading the statin articles.  Could this have any connection?  Any help 
>> would
>> be appreciated before I go to the doctor again.
>> June
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