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RE: [IPk] Urine testing for kidney function


Alex is nearly 12 and has had D for 9 years, other than the dip stick
test she has her standard annual bloods done, before being diagnosed she
had a kidney scan etc as they thought there was a problem and I would
like to mention this test you mentioned.  I take it that they will know
what it is but do you think they will think I'm being over sensitive?

Hope you don't mind me asking


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Hi Melissa
I completely agree (and did know all of what you've told me). However I 
was diagnosed with kidney problems in Manchester where I did overnight 
urine tests etc once I had 2 positive dipstick tests. I was also put on 
Lisinopril for that reason. When I moved to Sheffield they reverted to 
the dipstick tests and since they revealed nothing, they said my kidneys

were fine. I did query it last time I was there and was told that 
everything was fine and not to worry.

Melissa P. Ford wrote:

> Hi Di,
> The urine dipstick is the least specific test of kidney function. It 
> is the cheapest and quickest, though! By the time you have protein in 
> your urine there is considerable damage done to the kidneys. 
> Nephrology researchers live in hope that new markers of kidney 
> function may be discovered in the blood because changes to urine 
> composition are more often mid-stage complications of kidney disease.
> The top clinical recommendation for early detection of 
> microalbuminuria, which precedes overt proteinuria by a rather long 
> lead-time, is a 24-hour urine collection for urinalysis in a 
> laboratory. If your clinic has never ordered this for you and seems 
> reluctant to do so, get a referral to a nephrologist. As you were 
> diagnosed with kidney issues several years ago, it would not be out of

> order for you to have a 24-hour urine collection test once per year. 
> For those with no signs of kidney trouble it can be done once every 2 
> years, but once a year is not too often after several years (7+) of 
> diagnosed diabetes.
> The single strongest predictor of mortality in type 1 diabetes is 
> kidney function. The health of the eyes and the health of the kidneys 
> are very closely related in many of us. I have heard some cutting edge

> doctors suggest that everyone who is diagnosed with retinopathy have a

> 24-hour urine collection test once yearly following the diagnosis of 
> retinopathy.
> Hope this is helpful, though it's not happy news....
> Melissa
> Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2 years 5
> .
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