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Re: [IPk] Lack of urine

hi June,

 you can weigh yourself and see if you are gaining weight (fluid). also check
your feet, hands and face for puffiness which is oedema (fluid buildup). if you
aren't peeing much, you might have fluid retention. it can also vary with time
of the month (if this is relevant to you). people with declining renal function
can experience either anuria (no pee) OR peeing often. those with anuria will
gain 3kg or so between haemodialysis.

 you could do a test. collect your pee in a cup and measure the volume out (use
a measuring jug then tip the pee away!) each 24 hours say for two days, and log
your fluid intake and output too. around 500ml is lost per day in breath,
sweating and poo. more if it is a hot day or you exercise a lot. the rest of
your intake should should come out as pee. e.g. 3L intake - 500ml losses = 2.5
litres pee per day.

maybe you just do three giant pees per day?  good bladder control!

good luck,

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "June Searle" <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Lack of urine
> Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 12:33:33 +0100

> Has anyone experienced hardly going to the loo to pass urine.  I keep
 > wondering if it could be kidneys. I go once in the morning, once at night and
 > once in the middle of the night. I certainly don't pass much on any occasion.
 > I mentioned this to a doctor a long time ago and he did a daily total count
 > what I drink and what I pass and said it was OK. I think it is worse now even
> than then.
 > I drink 8 large mugs of tea or chocolate per day and have loads of fruit,
> soya on porridge.  Surely this is enough and would produce more.  Where does
> it go?
> I have been brooding on this for a while and notices kidney references when
> reading the statin articles.  Could this have any connection?  Any help would
> be appreciated before I go to the doctor again.
> June

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