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Re: [IPk] Neuropathy

I'm amazed I not alone!!  I have the pains in my feet and hands - they do 
come on go, but last year I had a really bad spell with them and I felt like 
I had no quality of life, plus it didn't help to think I was so young to get 
them.  I tried Lyrica which is the new improved version of Gabapentin, 
supposed to have fewer side effects and I found this did help, but zapped me 
out.   I took real fright at the mention of Statins, as I made damn sure I 
would avoid anything which may trigger it off again.  To be honest I would 
rather pour moulten lava in BOTH my ears than get constant neuropathy pains 
again. So sod the statins, I'll settle for the heart attack any day! LOL!  
my cholestral was only 4.9 i wouldnt mind!!   I'm keeping my fingers crossed 
for a cure too, they do lots of trials for new drugs every day that we dont 
even know about, Lyrica being the latest.  Good job I'm not a diabetic 
spider eh?? Crikey all those flippin legs!!   Take care , Mel

>From: "carlwood" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Neuropathy
>Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 23:32:45 +0100
>I suffer from Neuropathy at 34 and have done for the last 2 years or so, 
>mainly in my hands and arms.I take Gabapentin for this and it does seem to 
>help cool it down a bit, and it also helps the restless leg syndrome at 
>nights.I was told by my doctor that it was just one of those thing after 
>having Diabetes for 22 years.
>My main complication ids Retinopathy with over 6,000 laser burns in each 
>eye. But hopefully in time the pump will help to control this, after 12 
>months of pump therapy things should hopefully start to get better soon.
>Neuropathy does make you feel a lot older I am sure, but hopefully one day 
>they may find us a cure.
>All The Best
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>Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 10:54 PM
>Subject: [IPk] Neuropathy
>>I was just wondering if anyone out there has suffered from painful 
>>I am the only person under 33 with it? I have no other complications 
>>enough) but I do feel like I should be another 20 years older with this
>>complaint. I first got it when I was 25 when I was also diagnosed with
>>percicious anemia (B12 deficiency) which is also autoimmune, and I think 
>>seems to have stemmed from here. Most other people with this complaint 
>>seem to
>>be a lot older than me. I am very worried that Statins may make it worse 
>>too, as
>>they were mentioned to me at my annual review. I declined to take them, 
>>after reading some of the comments I am glad. I have been T1 since 1985. 
>>for 3 years now. And a bubble hater too!!!

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