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RE: [IPk] Re: bubbles bubbles bubbles!!!

Hi Nanette

 We have a Medtronic 712, fill the reservoirs once for every two set changes. We
keep the opened vial in the fridge (very warm in our house) take the vial out a
few hours before a set change. Inject air into the vial before filling up.  I
cant remember the last time we had a bubble problem.

I cant imagine that its down to a pump itself and of course also many people
have a Minimed or Roche/Disetronic pump anyway as they have been to ones
available the longest in the UK and only a few have cozmos or Animas pumps.  On
the USA CWD parents list the bubble problem seems to effect all different makes
of pump equally.   I can say I ever notice parent mentioning bubble problems
much on the US parents support list.


> I wondered if we could do a little informal survey on bubbles - seems that I
> am not alone in having the impression that bubbles may be more common with
> some pumps than others (for whatever reason, maybe shape of cartridges) - if
> this is the case maybe prospective pumpers might want to be aware of this
> when choosing pumps, even though for sure there are plenty of users of all
> the pumps who have no bubble problems.
> I'd be happy to compile a list of people's answers.
> Nanette
> (Cozmo, almost never get bubbles - though having said that, will probably
> have problems all week!!)
> > Subject: Re: [IPk] bubbles bubbles bubbles!!!

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