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Re: [IPk] my diabetic son

Hi Lisa
Glad you're hubby agrees!  To answer your question about being too  early to 
ask for pumping...that's not easy to answer...I think it depends a lot  on how 
confident you think you are with knowing about diabetes?  Actually  though, I 
think it could potentially be dangerous so early in diagnosis -  there's 
obviously a lot going on with Bobby's diabetes at the moment which is  not 
 understood (if it can ever be understood?!!). When Joel was diagnosed we did'nt
know a thing about pumps, never heard of them, but looking back and  thinking 
whether we would've wanted him to have one straight away if we had  
 known....probably not. There's so much to learn, so much to get used to...
However, I
think I would've wanted one within or by the end of the  first year of 
 diagnosis. It also depends on whether the injections are working for you, or if
child wants a pump.  For me though, there's no  other thing better than a 
Unfortunately, it's not usually about whether you choose a pump or not,  it's 
about whether they'll let you have one or not!  Most people don't get  them 
without a fight, although this isn't always the case.
I think it would be an excellent idea for Bobby to have the CGMS  (continuous 
monitor).  It will enable you to see what's going on with the  BG readings.  
In fact, I would think it was essential that you have one  considering the 
 circumstances. Also it will give you and Bobby an indication of what it's like
to wear a pump as they are similar.
I can't believe that you haven't been told to carb count when on MDI  because 
you should be matching insulin to food.  Having said that we  weren't taught 
either!  The nurse probably doesn't know how to do it  herself!  LOL
We test Joel at breakfast, 2 hrs after, lunchtime, 2 hrs after, teatime,  
 bedtime, about 10.30pm, and during the night. Of course this varies, but it's
generally the pattern.
Any more questions, please ask!!
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