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Re: [IPk] bubbles bubbles bubbles!!!

Hi Pat (et al) I tend to pressurise the insulin bottle and let the insulin
be forced into the cylinder by the air pressure rather than try to draw the
insulin in. Having below atmospheric pressure in the bottle will not help at
all, but make it harder to get rid of the bubbles you always get when
drawing (pulling) the insulin out of the bottle.

Once the cylinder is full you will have a bubble because of the dead space.
With positive pressure in the insulin bottle the bubbles will be forced to
the top of the bottle because they are lighter than the liquid insulin. This
is density not pressure. At this point flicking the side of the cylinder and
squeezing the piston all the way back to the top a few times normally works
really well. The rubber seal on the bottle functions as a pressure gauge in
a loose sense.

On 6/3/06, Sara Pumford <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Thanks for the advise pat - I'm seeing the diabetic nurse again monday and
> also
> have a follow up training session with the minimed rep (paula) in July (to
> learn
> about square wave/bolus wizard etc). so I''ll ask what they think. i do
> not
> think the air bubbles are causing too much problems because my blood
> sugars are
> pretty good since i've been on the pump. I've had one or two 11's and one
> 14
> but
> that about it they have mostly been between 5-7. So maybe 'm worrying
> abount
> nothing. Apart from the bubbles I do like the paradigm 512 (even though i
> haven't learnt all the features yet). I am absolutely loving the pump
> though
> last night we had a bbq and i ate quite a lot of food & drink and 3hours
> later
> blood sugar was 5.4 (could never get blood sugars like that on injections)
> anyway thanks again
> Sara davies
> .
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