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Re: [IPk] my diabetic son

hi diana,
thanks for ur advice regarding bobby. he is now off levemir as from 
yesterday and only on 1/2 units of novorapid at breakfast and lunchtime. 
none at tea-time. i asked nurse if we should b carb counting at mealtimes 
but she didnt really answer this. she just mentioned that he will b going on 
mixed insulin as from monday. i dont think i am too happy with this because 
i know its a step backwards. i want to try 4 pump therapy and i'm gonna push 
4 it. just very worried now because the way the nurse is talking its like 
its not the honeymoon period because she keeps saying these hypos shouldnt b 
happening. and yet i read on forums aout parents having problems with their 
diabetic kids having nighttime hypos! i just dont get it!


>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPk] my diabetic son
>Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 13:37:52 +0100
>oooh, now that's something really wrong if he's going from 28 to 4 in an 
>hour with no insulin!
>lisa robertson wrote:
>>i do tend to give him a supper (toast or cereal). he can have readings of 
>>28.6 then just drop to under 4.0 within an hour then hes high all the next 
>>>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
>>>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>>>To: email @ redacted
>>>Subject: Re: [IPk] my diabetic son
>>>Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 13:10:12 +0100
>>>Hi Lisa
>>>I guess you just have to keep pursuing the issue and make them realise 
>>>that it really is a big problem. If the hypos are mainly at night, does 
>>>he have anything to eat or drink before he goes to bed? Can you increase 
>>>the carbs that he has in the evening at all? Or does this just mean he 
>>>goes high and then low?
>>>lisa robertson wrote:
>>>>me again! talking about the mixed insulin. i was under the impression 
>>>>myself that this was going to be a step backwards through what i've read 
>>>>on the net. i have always been under the assumption that this was the 
>>>>honeymoon period. but because the nurse keeps saying that she and the 
>>>>doctors are puzzled by these continuous nighttime hypos, and that they 
>>>>have never came across this before except in a young boy who was giving 
>>>>himself extra injections. many times, since bobby's severe hypo, i have 
>>>>to tell them time and time again that no mistakes have been made with 
>>>>insulin dosage and that my son hasnt given himself any extra insulin as 
>>>>this is what was mention several times at the sospital and by the nurse 
>>>>on various phonecalls. 1 thing i am is very neurotic and a bad bad 
>>>>worrier. i'm not perfect but over 2 months of mistakes? i dont think so. 
>>>>they have now stopped going on about mistakes because the hypos are 
>>>>still ongoing and i think they realise now that they were wrong. i do 
>>>>understand where they were coming from though. questions had to be 
>>>>asked. i was and still am at my wits end. scouring websites, phoning 
>>>>diabetes uk to try and get some answers. i even said to my husband that 
>>>>i felt like they would accuse me of having munchausens! i am so neurotic 
>>>>at times. very careful with my sons stuff. things always have been 
>>>>double checked and bobby is never alone when injecting. things were good 
>>>>at first. i really did appreciate the help i received but now, i feel i 
>>>>am on my own. i have learnt more from diabetes uk than anything.
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