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[IPk] For Sara WAS] bubbles bubbles bubbles!!!


If this "bubble" is at the bottom of the plunger then its NOT an air bubble .
 Bubbles rise. I think that you could be looking at the actual plastic structure
of the reservoir itself.

 Its not an unreasonable error to make as it looks pretty like an air bubble
viewed thought the reservoir when there is only little insulin left.

We inject air into the insulin vial before we fill otherwise when you are
pulling on the plunger and removing the (liquid) insulin, then you are creating
a vacuum in the vial and the reservoir.  Not only does this make the insulin
harder to draw up, but may distort the O rings around the bottom of the plunger
and actually drawn in air in round the bottom end of the plunger.  In your
manual it should explain exactly how to fill the reservoirs.

Have another look at one of the reservoirs just after you fill it and then look
at it again when you remove it from the pump before another refill.  See if you
think that the "bubble" is part of the structure after all.  I thought this was
a bubble when I first saw it, it looks just like one when the reservoir is

Jackie mum of Sasha

> Your annual contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail
> I have only been on the pump for 10 days and i am already getting probs with
> bubbles. it seems to be the only thing that is getting to me!! I
> changed my set
> last night - took ages to make sure there were no bubbles ( even though there
> were a few champagne ones). On looking at the resevoir this morning there is
> quite a big bubble stuck to the bottom of the plunger that definately wasn't
>  there last night. Do these bubbles normally disloge or do they stay stuck to
> the
> plunger? I have also noticed that at the end of the 3days when i take out the
> old reservoir there are quite a few bubbles in it. I am thinking of not
> injecting air into the vial when i start a new bottle but won't the pressure
>  build up inside the vial too much, as I was always taught to do this when i
> used
> to use syringes for my monotard years ago.
> any info would help.
> thanks
> Sara Davies
> Pumping 10 days (minimed 512)
> .

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