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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #501- To Marion

Hi Marion
I'd like to say no to your question, but I think it's more than likely  that 
there may be some stage/act of rebellion. I put it down to there  being a 
 transition of responsibility from the parent to the child with regards to
responsibility over their own health. From the age of 6yrs old I gave  my own 
insulin (under supervision) and took my blood sugars myself (age 7) but  it 
was my parents who helped me with dosage and working out CHO values of meals  
 etc. I was on MDI regime as a teenager and I would sometimes not take my
 (if it seemed inconvenient!) or not alert people when I was going hypo- 
 because I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I went on to have bulimia
some  years (not any more!!). But that doesn't mean any of this will happen to 
Alex..a  lot of my 'rebellion' was probably just down to my personality type. 
Also if  Alex is on a pump, I imagine it will be a lot easier for her to have 
her insulin  whenever she needs it without drawing attention to herself.
Any tips? Perhaps just being aware that even if your daughter is aware of  
all the 'facts', the need to be the same as her friends may be very strong in  
her teens. Sometimes its hard to look ahead to the future (health wise) as a  
child..and talking to other young diabetics may be of a help too.
T1 33yrs (pumping 3.5yrs)
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