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RE: [IPk] Air bubbles in tubing

Hi Kate,

Not sure what pump you use but Alex uses the Cozmo and we never have a
bubble issue.

Hope someone comes up with some answers for you.


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Subject: [IPk] Air bubbles in tubing

 First of all thanks to Pat for answering my joining profile - really
made me
think, and helped. And Marion - yes, I survived further education,
rowing at
uni, drinking etc. I've also just come back from backpacking (sometimes
round South America. So there is definitely hope for Alex!

 When non-diabetics ask me how i cope, I'm always keen to play things
maybe because I don't want to be "labelled" or for them to think there's
anything I can't do (and often because everyone knows a badly-controlled
diabetic, and I want to disassociate myself from that). So looking at my
cv" no one could ever say diabetes has held me back from taking an
active part
in life.

 However. It has got to the stage where it really is holding me back
from the
little things in life, like feeling ok when I wake up, like not swinging
from 3
to 21 to 3 to 24 in a day. So that's why I joined this group.

Two specific questions: 
 1. Does anyone with experience of loading cartridges from a vial have
advice on
avoiding air bubbles in the cartridge which work their way into the
tubing? (I'm
already drawing up when insulin is not just out of the fridge, and
priming the
set over several times, and taken to checking tubing for bubbles before
i do
bolus doses. however they do slip through, and hurt, and worst of all
end up
sending blood sugar sky high when I miss the corresponding amount of
that the air bubble took up).
 2. This air bubble issue has made me want to switch to pre-loaded
cartridges -
does any know which UK pumps come with these, and does anyone have any
advice on
requesting to change pumps?

Thanks. Kate
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