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RE: [IPk] Diaport troubles

Hi Lesley,

I have read and thought wow, what a lot you have to go through just to
get the insulin you need.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.


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Hi everyone

Last Friday I had another laparoscopy to salvage my non-functioning

 At the last regular revision, the inner bit wouldn't go through
properly, and
after about an hour of poking around with various guide wires, it
went in. The surgeon said he thought it wouldn't function very well but
to give
it a go and let him know. My BGs climbed steadily for the rest of the
day, and I
needed to inject to bring down the levels. Then overnight, if I hadn't
woken up
to test every two hours, I would have had a massive hypo, as I was
treating 3's
every two hours. So I switched back to subcut until they could admit me.

 They found that the tip was embedded in the omentum, again, so freed it
up and
moved the end. The op lasted for 2 and a half hours, and I have four
wounds/scars on my belly.

 Post op my BGs were initially good but crept up overnight and the next
not responding to a 250% basal rate nor correction boluses. I had to
again. After that, they started coming down, and I'm now getting single
on 200%, which is 120% of my usual Diaport rate.

 This was a horrible time, but I have to persist with the Diaport
because my
subcut absorption is still unpredictable (I've just had to try it again
for 3

Any words of encouragement or sympathy would be gratefully received!

Best wishes

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